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AviaDev Insight is the first podcast dedicated to the African aviation industry.

We bring prominent industry voices to the table to establish the "ground truth" in an informal and candid fashion.

The podcast was created by Jon Howell, Founder and Managing Director of AviaDev Africa, Africa's premier event dedicated to developing air connectivity.

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Jun 21, 2021

This special podcast is the recording of the interview between Hilka Birns, a wonderful journalist working with our great partners, ch-aviation and Jon Ayache, CEO of lift, South Africa’s newest airline.

The wide-ranging conversation covers the flexible business model, incorporating a conversation about the fleet...

Jun 17, 2021

This special podcast is the recording of the panel session at AviaDev Africa entitled, "Harnessing the power of technology to improve profitability across the value chain."

Technology only moves in one direction. Constant progress through continuous improvement and innovation. 

The Covid pandemic has provided an...

Jun 14, 2021

This episode was recorded on Wednesday 9th June 2021 at the AviaDev Africa online conference.

Air travelers do not fly to an airport. They fly to a destination.

In 2018, 57% of tourists arrived at their destination by air.

So why are tourism authorities not more involved in the process of attracting airlines, often...

Jun 13, 2021

In this wide-ranging panel session, we ask the tough question "Just what is the role of a National Airline?"

Should it be seen as a Commercial enterprise or strategic economic enabler?

Is it possible that it can be both?

After 74 years of operation, Air Namibia was formally liquidated in March 2021.

In this session, we...

Jun 7, 2021

In this episode, we catch up with the CEO of NavPass, Tom Perkins, who joined us back in episode 124 to outline the solution. 

Since then, NavPass have begun operations in the African market, supporting South Sudan with improving airspace safety and the collection of air navigation fees. We explore how they...