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AviaDev Insight is the first podcast dedicated to the African aviation industry.

We bring prominent industry voices to the table to establish the "ground truth" in an informal and candid fashion.

The podcast was created by Jon Howell, Founder and Managing Director of AviaDev Africa, Africa's premier event dedicated to developing air connectivity.

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Dec 11, 2023

This episode was recorded on location in London at the Headquarters of Zero on 30th November 2023.

Zero, is a pioneer in the field of sustainable aviation fuel and I visited Kwame Bekoe, an industry colleagues and a personal friend, who is serving as the Commercial Director of the business. 

Kwame Bekoe has a rich aviation history including working with GECAS, a large international lessor, and before this over 10 years with Airbus.

After completing an MBA with Columbia Business School he embarked on his latest journey with Zero to revolutionise the industry.

In the episode, we discuss:

The mission and origin story of the company and its links to Formula1

Why Kwame chose to join Zero after completing his MBA

How the technology works

Industry partnerships with Boeing and Rolls-Royce

The biggest challenges right now

The size of the opportunity for Africa to lead the charge with new fuels.

The roadmap for the coming years. 

You can follow/ connect with Kwame here